“Mayweather” image to honor the World Champion belt.

The World Boxing Council has announced that Flo Mayweather, Jr., the American World Champion Belt, From the work that he has made is recognized by the boxing world. Especially works with the World Boxing Council, WBC.

From the greatness of Flo Mayweather Jr., the World Boxing Council (WBC) made a special UFABET belt. Which will have his picture on that coin Affixed to the side of the WBC GOLD AND GREEN BELT world.

Over the past two decades, Floi Mayweather Jr. has made 50 bouts of unbeaten fights, winning 27 knockouts, winning five World Boxing Council titles, including the Super Feather. Wet, Lightweight, Super Lightweight, Welterweight and Super Lightweight. Which no boxers of the same age have done before.

I am honored that the WBC has forever put my pictures on the WBC GOLD AND GREEN BELT belt. I remember the first time I won a WBC belt with a photograph of the great champions attached.

For the famous and symbolic WBC GOLD AND GREEN BELT of World Boxing Championships. It first appeared to everyone in the 1970s and has undergone significant improvements ever since. The evolution continues with the times.

The WBC World Championship Belt is centered in gold with the official WBC logo, with the acronym WBC incorporated into the three flag circles. Which currently there are more than 170 member countries around the world And each belt counts as a masterpiece, made up of legendary Cleto Reyes leather, hand-crafted by Jurado’s artisanal plaque, the true value of the belt exceeds its monetary value. And glory And representing the martyred boxer To desire to win and win.

Thank you picture from: WBC, BF2LIVE.COM

When the world queue, Xuhok “Yan Bing Tao”

World Snooker They predict that soon there will be a new world champion from Asia Yan Bing Tao. Especially China.

This statement looks closer to the truth every moment. In particular, the birth of a new young teenager named “Yan Bing Tao”, the owner of the notorious world champion “The Master”, one of the three biggest shows in the world.

Until today The world of snooker began to recognize and follow Asian players from the nickname owner. “Thai Tornado” or “James Wattana”, but the Thai people say “Tong Si Choy”

James Wattana settles down to fight the elite snooker of the era, such as Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Jimmy Wine and John Parrot, crushby fights in a very close game, especially “Thai “Tornado” is a magnetic snooker who invokes audiences with an extremely accurate, fast and incredibly shot style. Especially playing the middle hole ball That all over the world agree that “the most accurate” until today.

The success of “James Wattana” in “The Master” has been in a final with “Grim Reaper Golden Hair” Stephen Hendry in 1993 before losing in the finals. But that was enough to create the first Asian legend to reach the finals.

Until almost twenty years The statistics are broken. Along with the reincarnation of the Asian star “Ding Jun Hui”, it emerge to win the championship.

Along with sparking hundreds of thousands of dragons who came to catch the queue Before gradually becoming a name on the world stage And nowadays there are dozens of snooker from China playing in the professional arena.

 Even a new dragon that should be watched, is “Yan Bing Tao”, “The Master” champion in 2021.

The success of the 20-year-old dragon, if looking at the path, cannot be called accidental. Since the first round to meet with “Neil Robertson” former world champion, the current second-hand champion “UK Championships”.

Come in the second round, have to face eight world “Stephen Mackay”, another former world champion. This time, squeezing together until 5-5 to the frame, “Yan” turn the situation into a sign, win 6-5 through the playoffs successfully.

 In the semifinals, meet “Stewart Bingham” the world’s 12th hand throughout the game. “Yan” followed until the draw at 4-4. Shine bright, press until the veteran is defeated by another 6-5 to finally qualify for the black final.

Thomas Tukle, pinned three staffs to jet to London.

Thomas Tukle, German coach Set sail for London on Tuesday. And will debut as Chelsea‘s new head coach on the same day.

The Athletic reported that Thomas Tukle was on a private jet with three other crew members. And will begin to get to know the new team members And the team to practice immediately at Cobham during Tuesday noon.

Tukle has agreed a contract with Chelsea already. The contract starts at 18 months or until the summer of 2022 and has an additional 12-month term to expire after the 2022-23 season and will be signed and formally launched with the new club by Tuesday.

Chelsea hope Tuchel will be able to direct the starting team in the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge. Wolff, Hampton Wanderers, Wednesday immediately. Because it manages work permits or work permits And test results for COVID-19 That came out to be deleted already.

So much for the good news. There is also plenty that will be picked away at and used to beat him with. Tuchel does not suffer fools, speaks brusquely at times, and has some quirks: no use of surnames, and an insistence players look into each other’s eyes while saying good morning; an obsession with good manners UFABET and punctuality. There is plenty to work on here if, or indeed when, things start to go bad.

For now, should he get the job, he has a blank slate: a hugely powerful squad, a natural tactical fit with some key players, and even the added benefit of an empty stadium into which to ease his awkward frame. Over to you, the anti-Frank.

Real Madrid say Zidane is infected with “COVID-19”

The talented French manager is still working. Most recently found infected with COVID-19. Causing the team to lose control over the weekend.

On January 22, 64 for Zinedine Zidane, he just brought Real Madrid to be hit by the Spanish third-division team Alcoyano to knock off the round of 32, the last team Copa del Rey. Causing him to be in extreme situations Amid rumors that you may lose your job at any time.

Including the latest Real Madrid statement that the 48-year-old manager of the perfume country. Having to constantly face bad news. When the COVID-19 test results Last time was positive Causing it to go into the quarantine process And missed managing the team this weekend for sure.

For Real Madrid have a field queue in the next game. With a trip to Alaves on the night of Saturday, January 23.

Zidane was isolating earlier this month after a close contact tested positive for COVID-19 and did not attend a training session as a result. The Frenchman is under pressure following Real’s shock cup defeat to third division side Alcoyano earlier this week.

Zidane is set to miss the Saturday away match at Alaves, with his assistant David Bettoni set to take charge. Real Madrid are second in the league standings, seven points behind Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid forward Eden Hazard, midfielder Casemiro and defender Eder Militao also tested positive earlier this season.

The Ndombele, proved himself well with Spurs.

Jose Mourinho praises his team of Tongey Ndombele, proves himself to a promising future. After the last goal ended in the game at Tottenham Hotspur defeated Sheffield United 3-1.

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has praised the French midfielder Tongey Ndombele. Who wants to prove themselves in a professional career with Tottenham Hotspur  after a beautiful goal ended in the game against Sheffield United 3-1 on Sunday.

Last season , Ndombele went to that news. Not happy with “Chicken Golden Spikes” after having difficulty adjusting to the Premier League.

However, the 24-year-old midfielder has not moved anywhere. Still practicing tirelessly The latest in this season to become a major force in the middle of the Spurs to lose. 

Tongey N’Dombele proved himself to Spurs until Mourinho had to watch.

The game on Sunday Ramos Allen team up to the door ahead 2-0 by the San Marge Bouvier Ury 5 minutes and Harry Kane the 40th minute but second half goals pursued defenders. It is 1-2 from David McGoldrick in the 59th minute, causing the team “Double Swords” to win again, but in the 62nd minute , Spurs escaped 3-1 from the Tonggi Ndombele that fell. Came into the penalty area before tilting the ball and shot with the right, the ball sagged into the far post. And a door to relieve the pressure on the Spurs as well Before being defeated by this score.

Ole, Charvoan, Man U found the right way to play

Ole said Man U have had the militiamen a little bit. After saying that Now his team has found the right way of playing. And all the players are good in tactics. Beating Liverpool is a very good start, according to theguardian.com report on January 25, 2021.

Manchester United opened home to beat Liverpool 3-2 in the FA Cup live result , the fourth round by this game, the Red Devils were considered to have a great offensive game, which the way Ole was able to point out that His team has become much stronger. Plus, now I still find a way to play that is suitable for the team.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: “It’s great that we beat the league title last year. They are a great team. But now we have our own way of playing Which is a different system We do well with our approach. “

Man U

“Of course our players now they understand more in a way. They believe us gradually become stronger in our way of playing. After we were brought back Which is not the first time We have seen it many times before. “

        You can see that in the past 6 months We have a better performance. Because everyone is happy with the way of playing It’s a really great feeling. “

        Man U has not lost anyone in recent times. And even if they fall behind But can always turn the situation back And also leading the Premier League crowd as well


Tommy Lasorda Was a Celebrity. He Was Also a Leader.

The longtime Dodgers manager enjoyed antics on and off the field. But his tactics propelled an Tommy Lasorda to a World Series title, and his vision helped expand the sport’s reach.

Tommy Lasorda was born on the first day of fall, the season that matters most in baseball. Many years later he would make a lasting autumn imprint, but on that day, in 1927, the Brooklyn Dodgers lost a doubleheader.

Like Walter Alston, his predecessor as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lasorda appeared only briefly as a major league player. Alston was hitless in one at-bat; Lasorda was winless in a handful of starts. Yet they managed the team in an unbroken line from 1954 to 1996, combining for all six of the franchise’s championships before 2020.

Their strength was the strength of the Dodgers: They knew the minor league system, they knew how players got to be major leaguers system, they knew how players got to be major leaguers, they understand the importance of scouts and player ufabet development.

“He didn’t stand — we wheeled him in, and he sat the entire time — but with one out or maybe two outs in the last inning, he stood, and he watched the game standing that’s what he was saying when he was running out of the dugout after they wonthat’s what he was saying when he was running out of the dugout after they won.

Costas finished the pregame show from his spot on the first-base side of the grass, by the visitors’ dugout. He stayed on the field for the national anthem, let alone used it to rally the Dodgers.

The Dodgers ran the bases with abandon that night, scratching out runs on a passed ball, an error and two ground outs. They clinched the title one game later.

Bruno, The Best contact in Premier League

The January 2 transfer market could be a big turning point for many clubs because if they are keen on signing new players “Bruno”. May help turn a bad situation into a super that many people do not expect.

As in the case of Bruno Fernand, It is clear that before he move to Manchester United, The performance of the red devil had only collapsed. But when the players move to the team, The conclusion is to be in the top four. Even before that, no one believed they could. 

Therefore, during the past 3 decades, Premier League clubs Many players have invested in buying players in January and there are five players who have to admit that they were the most rewarding investment at the beginning of the year.

1. Bruno Fernand (Manchester United)  

for safety and not to cause drama I must say that Bruno Fernand has been very successful in the work created. With Manchester United in the past 12 months since he took a breath away from his hometown in Portugal. Come play at Old Trafford. 

Fernand began his masterpiece with a career at United by helping the agency win tickets to last season’s UEFABET Champions League. Along with shooting lightly, 8 goals and 7 assists from fielding only 14 Premier League games.

The 26-year-old continues to produce good results in the 2020/2021 season with 11 goals and 7 assists in 16 league games, so I have to admit that Fernand is Breath and everything for the “Red Devils” offensive game to creator a litter more.

If Manchester United can rise to the top of the Premier League title this season, Bruno Fernand is sure to be the key to the success they have been desperate for years. 

53 ok! Yokohama renewed ‘King Kazu’ J.League 2021

okohama FC team in the J-League battle agreed to renew the contract “King Kazu” Kazuyoshi Miura for another season. Exposure to be more involved in the game for the team’s winning goals.

Kazu said, “I renewed my contract with Yokohama FC, in 2021,  I can still play football with happiness again “.

It was an unpleasant season for me. But my inspiration and passion for football is growing every day. This season as well, I want to be more involved in the game and work day by day with the goal of contributing to the victory of the team.

For Kazu, entered the field in the J.League 2020, only 4 games and entered the Luwan Cup 2 matches.

The 2021 season will be Miura’s 36th as a professional after starting his career with Santos in Brazil in 1986.

The striker is one of the most revered sportsmen in Japan and was at the forefront of the country’s football boom in the early 1990s when he was the poster boy of the newly launched league in 1993.

He led Verdy Kawasaki to the title in 1993 and 1994 before moving to Italy, where he spent a season in Serie A with Genoa. He has also had stints in Croatia and Australia as well as at other Japanese sides.

King Kazu won the Asian Cup with Japan in 1992 but missed out on representing his country on their debut appearance at the World Cup finals in France six years later. He scored 55 goals in 89 games for Japan.

The forward helped Yokohama secure promotion to Japan’s top division at the end of the 2019 season but played only four times in the 2020.

Miura, dubbed ‘King Kazu’ in Japan, turns 54 on Feb. 26.

Mega project !! PSG plans to pull Ramos

Real Madrid are already trying to renew his contract with Ramos, but the 34-year-old thinks he might be able to try something new and if he gets the chance to play the same team as Messi at least. Is something very interesting.

He will play a role in the defense, while Lionel Messi will be able to play alongside Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

If these two really were on the same team, would they be embarrassed?

The problem of protecting biodiversity

Once the training centre is open, waste management should be carried out entirely on-site.

Similarly, 90% of the annual water needs of the centre and stadium will be covered by rainwater. A water recovery system will be placed on the roofs of buildings. While water on the football fields will be drained. For the football industry, which is used to seeing big engines and private jets, moderating carbon emissions that come from.

Contract agreement between Lionel Messi is running out fast and if the new pressident of the club cannot convince player. He will be on his way to a different league. One club that is trying to get his signature isss French giants, Paris Saint-Germain. However as it turn out, PSG are not only trying to acquire Lionel Messi but Another superstar from the La Liga, Sergio Ramos.

Ramos is arguably one of the greatest centre-backs in the world and although he is known to create controversies, He is also known to get results. The Real Madrid superstar is 35 at the moment and is running out of a contract. Just like Lionel Messi he too will be available for free at the end of the season.

This will be some major move by the French giants who are hellbent on winning the UEFA Champions League, However