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Jamie Carragher gives his opinion with Pochettino to consider accepting control of Manchester United

CBS Sports analyst Jamie Carragher gives his opinion on Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino. To consider accepting control of Manchester United, because even if it is a job Challenging but would be more comfortable than having to Oh 3 stars

‘ Rinpoche ‘ recently oversaw PSG ‘s defeat to Manchester City 1-2 in the group stages of Rio’s . Today , however, also has a pair of finalists for the mind. However, there was a trend that it had to be bounce because the overall picture was below expectations.   

The key issue of Jane’s boss Stein is executive strength with Lionel Messi , Neymar Jr. and Keith Lim Yan M. Buck Giuseppe to play together effectively is not. When thinking of dropping, no one will do it. It was more troubling than being pressure at Old Trafford .

” Pochettino should have left that team, ” said the 2005  former European champions.

“ If you have the opportunity to manage Manchester United … then you should come from tomorrow. ” 

“ Here I am frankly speaking, the problem is because of the three stars. ” 

The Thierry Henri great legendary striker Arsenal Hill added that the three players did not come into the game and that is the problem of teamwork. And it’s hard to win a championship.

” If you would have won the fight off . It can not play defense with the player’s field of 7 people .”

“It ‘s not possible. I do not care who you are, know where from full-back for PSG , he faced the competitors were three airmen 1 or 2 airmen first ever “.

” The team will be league champions Ligue France has yet to fight off . It’s more demanding than that. They have to have the three forwards come down behind the ball as well. ” 

“ That would give the full-back the peace of mind that when he helped to fill the attacking game. will not be alone when it comes down to defense. ” 

“ But as of now they have been beaten. The team from the city of Perfume cannot express their true identity, but Man City can. ” 

” Pochettino is not allowed to clean up such a team at this time. “

“Can you get Messi , Mbappe or Neymar out of the squad ? Therefore, it must be Angel Di Maria to play midfield – but he’s watching, but the break did not help the game get tightened up . ” 

The situation of the champions of PSG, dropping the favorites 5 , the rate increases to 15/2 ( bet 2, pay 15, excluding capital )