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Bonucci is confident Italy can return to the top again

Bonucci is confident Italy can return to the top again. Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci is confident the team can return to the top after their disappointment in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

         The Juventus centre-back struggled with a physical problem that prevented him from playing for the Azzurri who ultimately lost 1-0 to North Macedonia, but Bonucci is confident Italy will get through the period. This time and definitely return to the top ufabet again.

         “These two emotions are the absolute opposite,” Bonucci wrote on Instagram. “The great joy and joy of the summer contrasts with the disappointment and bitterness of this elimination. It was even worse that I couldn’t help my team-mates in that 90 minutes.”

         “Now is the time to look ahead. This summer we’ll be honoring and giving credit for doing something unique. Today we are responsible for not grabbing that space. It was more of our mistake than the efforts of others.”

         “It’s time for an analysis. deep focus to start again To give Italians and Italians what they deserve. We’ve done it before.”

         “The climb has begun, for me, for us it is difficult to get back to the top. But we have proven that we know what to do. The future is now.”