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“Balotelli” is preparing to move to Adana Demirspor

Formerly known as a young player in the distant future, but due to many problems. Mario Balotelli seems to be just a joke in the eyes of the fans only. He has rarely achieve anything substantial. And he has fallen to the point of having to Going down to play for the Serie B ufabet team. That like Monza before being terminate with a disciplinary issue, he is 30 years old and nothing has change. That making him now a player without Affiliation is complete.

But recently, it seems that Adana Demirspor. Who has just been promote to the Turkish Super League is interest in Mario Balotelli and the club’s president Murat Sangjak has confirm that all negotiations. Going well and now only a medical examination remains, with Murat Sangjak saying: “Negotiations with Mario Balotelli are going well and he wants to move to Adana de. Mispor also, with Mario Balotelli arriving in Turkey next week.”

“By the fact that Mario Balotelli moved to Adana Demirspor for the opportunity to play at a high level and hopes to return to the Italy national team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar again. The next time he is a player that is difficult to manage, but we are confident that Mario Balotelli will be able to deal with it, of course, “Mario Balotelli has done a great job. Visited with Inter Milan, Manchester City and AC Milan. But after moving to Liverpool. The performance deteriorate until. He had to travel to many teams and end up at Monza before his contract was terminate.