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Aulas embraces Lacazette ‘s return to Lyon

Jean-Michel Aulas, president of Olympique Lyonnais, welcomes Alexandre Lacazette. Who is out of contract from Arsenal, to return to play at Rohn. Alps, another battle if a compromise can be made on wages

According to , Lacazette is one of the two Arsenal forwards who are at the end of their contract with Eddie Nketiah , with the latter likely to be the best. The phone was kept because of her young age. Which is different from ‘ Laka ‘ that was roasted 31 carats .  

So Aulas, who had been close to the Frenchman for many years. During their coordination at Lyon , is now offering a contract to their former captain. With the goal of leading the children to fight. For the right to play the PSC in the group stage again.

In addition to ‘ OL ‘ , the English Premier League or Spanish La Liga mid-level ufabet teams are also ready to make an offer to the 30 – year-old striker.